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PODCAST #29 - Hidden Gems: The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal

On our latest podcast we introduce a new series, Hidden Gems, where we bring light to albums that haven't been given appropriate levels of fame and attention.

On this first edition we focus on hidden gems from the NWOBHM. Let's let it loose!



(1:41) MARSEILLE - S/T

(9:25) BUDGIE - Power Supply

(14:35) VARDIS - The World's Insane

(19:28) PRAYING MANTIS - Time Tells No Lies

(24:45) HOLOCAUST - The Nightcomers

(28:47) MORE - Blood & Thunder

(32:31) SAVAGE - Loose N Lethal

(35:55) JAGUAR - Power Games

(40:11) CHATEAUX - Chained & Desperate

(43:28) WAYSTED - The Good The Bad The Waysted

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