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THE PISTOL MYSTICS - Rise From The Ashes

Release date January 1/19 (Ammunition Records)

Every once in a while we at Mighty Decibel Central need a break from the head-bashing metal, hardcore and hard rock mayhem that abuses our ears incessantly. One of the genres that does the trick for this battered and bruised reviewer is melodic punk rock. Nothing like some righteous, easy-on-the-ears punk to bring me out of a funk!

Which brings us to this sophomore EP from The Pistol Mystics (voted Cincinnati's best punk band). Opener 'Lovesick' sets the tone early, starting with a catchy drum beat and a Bad Religion-style opening guitar lick, before going all high energy Ramones on ya. If the Dee Dee-style bass line doesn't bring a tear to the eye, the chorus sure as hell will.

'The Sound That Could Not Be Heard' slows things down a bit, a good mid-tempo chug, again accentuated by playful bass and some melodic background vox ... along with a sped-up conclusion, natch. The bass really takes center stage on 'Is it Safe?', throbbing and bobbing up a storm. Can see me pogo-ing to this one for sure.

The title track concludes the package, starting out in reflective country/blues territory, before shifting into traditional melodic punk swagger. Altogether a fun and engaging listen. Now I'm ready for some more decibels!


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