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FUNERAL BASTARD - Grave Cult Ascension

Released October 12/18 (Bandcamp)

Like a bunch of metalhead delinquents after a long night of drunken debauchery, who decide to extend the evening by jamming out after midnight, Funeral Bastard bestows upon the unsuspecting world its debut full length. Focusing mainly on first wave black metal (think early Celtic Frost and Welcome To Hell-era Venom), with an added grind-intense delivery, Grave Cult Ascension gets down-and-dirty throughout its 26-minutes. (The seemingly oddball tracks here being the southern doomed 'From Blood To Dust', that sounds like Alabama Thunderpussy until it devolves into a frantic blackened conclusion, and the speed-metalled 'Enochian Apocalypse'.)

Falling about in wanton disrepair, the lads in Funeral Bastard poke you in the eye with one hand and give you a beer with the other, like you've been buddies all your life. Drunken, disheveled, depraved ... and most importantly, fun!


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