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TERRORIZER - Caustic Attack

Released October 12/18 (The End)

Terrorizer spend the first six minutes seemingly trying to prove their grind street-cred in a one-dimensional display of blasting extremism that certainly is ... fast. Problem is that it comes across as by-the-rote, lacking originality or anything to really grasp onto. Then track 4 ('Devastate') hits you between the eyes with some off-kilter guitar rhythms and amazing drum rolls (supplied by sole original member Pete Sandoval), grabbing attention that was originally beginning to wane. The subsequent 'Crisis' maintains the high caliber material, engaging the listener in a Slayer-like pounder.

From thereon out we're in business, Sandoval and gang (guitarist Lee Harrison and bassist/vocalist Sam Molina) spitting out prime doses of hyper-speed grind and bludgeoning death. The buzzing enthusiasm is palpable and will likely loosen the necks of grindcore fanatics out there. Just like a champion racehorse that has the ability to make up for a slow start, Terrorizer end up raising their hands in victory once the smoke has cleared.

Faves: 'Devastate', Trench Of Corruption', 'Failed Assassin' and one of the better tracks of the year, 'Terror Cycles'.


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