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KRYPTAMOK - Profaani

November 26/18 (Helter Skelter)

Kryptamok being the solo vehicle for ex-Horna bassist Hex Inferi, you know that you're in for some icy black metal. Taking control of all instruments and vocals, this is very much a one-man show on this 4-track, 20-minute debut EP. Opener 'Wala' bursts forth as expected in frigid fury with an impressive riff before Inferi's gargle vocals kick in ensuring that that sinister Finnish vibe is attained immediately. However, the insertion of some foreboding background keys part way through wasn't necessarily expected, but certainly add to the uneasy ambiance. Second track 'Varjoista Kutsuttu' contains yet another punishing main riff, imbedding some classic second wave black metal guitar midway through.

'Kuoleman Katarsis' initiates with some spooky, man-with-a-black-cape-at-a-church-organ-after-midnight keys before segueing into a slower paced venture that overstays its welcome. Not bad, but some editing of this 8+ minute track would have helped here. It's back to up-tempo harshness with the concluding 'Kirous', the shortest and harshest blast at just over 2 minutes.

Professional in all aspects and offering a somewhat unique take on the sub-genre, Kryptamok's debut is indeed a successful entry into the Finnish black metal scene. Good stuff.


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