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BASTARDIZER - Dawn Of Domination

Released September 22/18 (Evil Spell)

Bastardizer's self-description of their modus operandi requires no editing, so here it is. "Bastardizer was formed in early 2013 in Sydney, Australia with the intention of producing a brand of dirty black thrash n roll that raises fists, induces heads to bang and makes babes horny." Can personally vouch that Dawn of Domination lives up to the first two parts of the decree, but will leave the lasses to confirm the third!

At their best (which is often here), Bastardizer distribute blow-back-your-hair-fast thrash that, indeed, gets the ol' blood flowing, kicking copious butt in the process. For example, 'Whiskey 'til Death' sounds like Sodom's Tom Angelripper fronting Motorhead, while 'Death Cult' contains tinges of early Slayer blitzkriegs and 'Midnight In Hell' rips new assholes akin to prime Midnight speedfests. Punishingly fun would be an apt description. If you like your thrash raucous with over-the-top velocity, you will need to hunt down Dawn of Domination, but quick.


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