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KRISIUN - Scourge Of The Enthroned

Released September 7/18 (Century Media)

Like the Ramones and Motorhead before them, Krisiun is often panned for "releasing the same album over-and-over again". However, fans of the Brazilian band rejoice whenever they issue another ferocious chapter, and are only too happy to be pummeled by their pounding death metal ... yet again.

Does Scourge Of The Enthroned live up to Krisiun's high standards? You bet! Their calling card is rhythmic intensity, driven by the absolutely devastating skin warfare of Max Kolesne, one of the best drummers in extreme metal to these ears. Well, he's at it again here, propelling his brothers ever-forward in a relentless parade of shit-kicking, speedy brutality. Lend an ear to such ditties as 'Devouring Faith', 'Slay The Prophet' and 'Whirlwind Of Immortality', then tell me this ain't prime-time death metal. Yeah, it's nothing new, but it's damn effective.

Hail Krisiun - ignore the naysayers and keep on pounding 'em out.


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