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GLANVILLE - First Blood

Release date July 6/18 (Fat & Holy Records)

5-song EP from new German hard rock/metallers Glanville on tap. First track 'God Is Dead' is a fine, up-tempo metal ditty highlighted by some Thin Lizzy-inspired dual guitar harmonies. The Thin Lizzy comparisons continue on the second track 'Dancing On Fire', a melodic rocker with lots of cowbell embellishment. This one would be welcomed on most retro-infatuated rock radio stations. Back to the heavier side of the equation with third track and EP highlight 'Durga The Great', somewhat evoking the driving intensity and Irish lilt of Lizzy's 'Black Rose'. Great track.

Things take a slight downturn over the final two tracks though, unfortunately. 'Demons' and 'Time To Go' both sport catchy choruses and spirited guitar solos, however, they fail to hang together as well as the opening tracks. Perhaps these songs were rushed out too soon.

So, overall a somewhat inconsistent effort, but one that shows promise. They have the Lizzy harmonized guitar-bit down pat, the ability to write catchy hooks, a fine sounding frontman and a top-notch lead guitarist to work with. Look forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.


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