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MATTERHORN - Crass Cleansing

Release date June 15/18 (Iron Bonehead)

Switzerland is best known for its chocolate, watches, financial sector, large mountains ... and most relevant to us, the mighty Celtic Frost. Out of this frigid land now comes Matterhorn, a threesome who have issued their first recorded work in the form of this debut full length. Immediately upon first listen, the comparisons to Celtic Frost arise, mainly due to Morbid's vocals which are too close to Tomas Gabriel Warrior's unique lilt to be ignored. Additionally, the music most certainly also contains early Frost discography references. So, should Crass Cleansing be ignored as simply some sort of Celtic Frost worship release?

Nope. First off, the music contains enough other influences to escape being redundant. A crossover feel permeates, as well as a healthy dose of At War-style choppy riffage incorporated, to differentiate itself somewhat. Secondly, there's a history in extreme metal of stealing singing styles (eg. cookie monster vocals) and not being called out for it. So why should Matterhorn be faulted? Thirdly, while certainly not original, this is undoubtedly a fun listen. The rambunctious, youthful exuberance of a band bashing out a sound that they obviously love will bring a smile to your face.

In summary - promising. It'll be interesting to hear how Matterhorn progress as they get some more miles under the hood. Fave tracks - 'Tongues Of Babel' and 'Of All I Was'.


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