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KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE - We're Not Here To Fuck Spiders

Release date April 6/18 (Rural Rebel Rock)

There's not enough boogie being made out there nowadays. So much so, that whenever some finally hits The Mighty Decibel offices, it immediately gets me up off my ass for some foot stomping and air guitaring. Hence, Kosmik Boogie Tribe had this jaded reviewer seriously getting down with the opening two tracks ('Creatures Of Habit' and 'Optical Migraine') that rocked hard in 70's Status Quo glory. A huge smile spread across my face, I would have been ecstatic to hear a whole album's worth of the same.

However, The Oslo-based unit weren't going to be constrained to just one type of boogie though. There's AC/DC crossed with Rose Tattoo fare ('We've Got The Cash') and some southern fried dirty R'N'R complete with Dusty Hill (ZZ Top) inspired vocals ('Pablo Was Here'). Things get a little punkier as the album comes to a conclusion, 'The Rat' and 'Piss, Punk and Pie' referencing The Ramones, the latter switching gears halfway through into a The Four Horsemen rhythmic workout.

Tons of rockin' 'til dawn guitar-gasms, energy for miles and lots of vocal variation, We're Not Here To Fuck Spiders is a hoot to listen to ... especially for those who like to get physical with their music listening. Friggin' amazing.


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