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SYSTEMIK VIOLENCE - Anarquia-Violencia

Release date March 31/18 (Raw'N'Roll Rex)

Beginning with an "I am positively, absolutely sure that a lot of you are going to hate this" quote, Systemik Violence spend the next 14 minutes on this EP spitting in your coffee, ensuring the self-fulfilling accuracy of the opening quip. That is, unless you are one of the few who likes listening to one-to-two-minute tracks of grinding hardcore punk/metal, topped by guy-with-a-megaphone vocals screeching incoherently in your ear.

For those open to such aural violence, Anarquia-Violencia hits the mark dead-on. Irreverent, combative and most definitely ultra-fast, the seven tracks fly by in a bewildering shit-storm of flailing limbs and spittle. Subtlety be damned. Embrace or run away but quick.


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