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ANVIL - Legal At Last

I remember the very day I discovered the existence of Anvil. It was May 7, 1981 and they were opening for Motorhead on ...

HELL SPET - Killer Machine

For years I've loved how Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys have utilized mandolin and banjo in their folk punk release ...

(Podcast) 10 WIMPHEM RELEASES ... For Metalheads

We continue with our ... For Metalheads podcast series, this time shining a light on ten wimphem albums that would easily fit in any metalhead's record collection. Sometimes you need to recharge the metallic batteries with some wimpy fare! AUDIO (1:57) VARIOUS - Heavy Classix (5:00) CHICAGO - IX Greatest Hits (1975) (10:26) HEART - Little Queen (1977) (14:13) Neil Young - Harvest Moon (1992) (20:01) SHAW/BLADES - Hallucination (1995) (25:06) BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - FIRES AT MIDNIGHT (2001) (31:16) HARTMANN - Out In The Cold (2005) (36:26) NEIL DIAMOND - 12 Songs (2005) (41:11) EDDIE SPAGHETTI - Sundowner (2011) (44;13) CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL - Everyone's Going To Die (2019)

NIGHTFEAR - Apocalypse

n Apocalypse, Nightfear’s third full length release since their 2008 inception, these Spaniards have produced an ...

MIDNIGHT - Rebirth By Blasphemy

2017's Sweet Death & Ecstasy was a solid enough affair, but a tad too laid back for what I was expecting from the mighty ...

A History Of ... Early Death Metal

The 'A History Of ...' series provides a written and musical journey through many of the sub-genres of heavy metal. This time we tackle ... early death metal! What is early death metal? High speed heavy metal made brutal through the use of aggressive drumming, distorted/down-tuned guitars, guttural vocals and extreme lyrical content (focused on death, violence, occultism, etc.). And on the first day Black Sabbath created heavy metal. On the second day Raven took the heavy metal blueprint and sped it up, thus birthing speed metal. Then on the third day, Venom were belched from Hell, taking speed metal and courting it outright with Satan. Subsequently, on the fourth day Metallica took speed me


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