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PALADIN - Ascension

Release date May 17/19 (Prosthetic) Having grown up on thrash and power metal, the thought of pairing the two make me excited, to say the least. Enter Atlanta newcomers Paladin, with their debut album Ascension. Not only do they meld the genres together perfectly, they have their own unique style that is apparent immediately. Taylor Washington takes up the pen, the mic, and lead guitar on this release and he cuts through it like a knife to butter. He is Alexi Laiho with European soaring vocals or Paul Gilbert riding on top of a post-apocalypse dragon. Paladin is thrash with a samurai sword and I’m completely in love with it. Ascension opens with Awakening, an almost Keeper of the Seven Keys

HEY SATAN - Orange Moon

Expecting doom metal to come out of the speakers upon initial listen to Hey Satan's sophomore full length, I was

MARTYRDOD - Hexhammaren

Release date May 25/19 (Bandcamp) Not sure how I've missed Martyrdod up to now. Yet another mighty fine D-beat unit out of Sweden, this veteran unit has been in existing since 2003 with Hexhammaren being their fifth full length release. While the overall intensity and harsh vocal style utilized here certainly harkens to the last two Disfear discs (Misanthropic Generation and Live The Storm), Martyrdod differentiate themselves through the insertion of melodic black metal riffage within their tracks. The production is relatively clean, ensuring that the melodic guitar refrains resonate, but also allows the bottom end and the bull-horned vox to lay the smackdown at the same time, creating a pot

ASOMVEL - World Shaker

Motorhead lives on through the punishing grooves found on this third full-length release from the U.K.'s Asomvel

DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Wulfaz and Brutal Order

We continue venturing into the bottomless pit that is demo, EP, single and mini-album releases ... WULFAZ up first with their three-track, eleven-minute EP entitled Eriks kumbl (sorry - translation attempts came up empty), available on Bandcamp. Grind-infused black metal is at the core here, lyrically focusing on Viking themes I'm told (all songs are sung in their native Danish, I assume). Melodic, yet blistering, elements of folk are also injected into the mayhem creating a modern, yet somehow also arcane, feel to the material. The vocals are of the throaty, lascivious nature, with impassioned shouts interspersed, adding to the overall smeared and feared sound. Fans of early Enslaved releas

BAD RELIGION - Age Of Unreason

Thirty-nine years into their career melodic punk kings Bad Religion continue cranking out albums like it's the good ol' 80s.

MANOWAR - The Final Battle I

I'll come clean here, I'm a big fan of Manowar's early efforts. Battle Hymns through Sign of the Hammer all being high

MONASTERIUM - Church of Bones

With a Candlemass record this year, you wouldn’t expect much more noise from the epic doom community in 2019. Well.


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