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In 2008 Grand Magus fully transformed themselves from doom outfit to traditional metal unit with their (at the time

HLX1 - Taaar Jurhaath Miykht

Release date April 24/19 (Bandcamp) The other day I received the following threat from outer space: "Greetings, human! I am HLX1-IGNM54, intergalactic negotiation module no.54 of HLX1. You have been chosen as one of the most worthy musical taste developing specimen of your kind. Through the voice of The Mighty Decibel we shall unleash aural fear and sonic devastation in the name of Yullama Rima-Akta VI, supreme emperor of our capital planet Nhakuu-3! We insist on your cooperation in spreading the shock wave of our first strike, "Taaar Jurkhaath Miykht", which shall commence on 45.59409.21123 (*04.24.2019 - earth calendar) via Bandcamp and YouTube. Any form of resistance shall lead to immedia

HAZE MAGE - Chronicles

With April 20th fast approaching, many stoner metal fans are ramping up for their beloved ‘the-numbers-do-the-funny-

VEHEMENCE - Par le Sang Verse

At hand is the sophomore full length from epic/medieval black metal unit Vehemence. While the core sound is undoubtedly

DEATH ANGEL - Humanicide

Going somewhat against the grain, I'm one of the seemingly few who prefers latter-era Death Angel to the first three

THE SOLOS - To The Moon

Truth be told, I usually steer clear of atmospheric metal, finding it boring and defeating the purpose of what metal is

CEIFADOR - Hell Reaper

Release date February 15/19 (Bandcamp) Self-proclaimed "alcoholic speed metal' unit Ceifador belch upon the world their fourth full length, Hell Reaper. At it since 2004, you'd think that the excessive hangovers from past EPs and albums would find the Brazilians in a more sedate or refined mode, but that certainly is not the case here. This is some of the rawest sounding speed metal that I've ever been subjected to. In blitzkrieg mode from note one to final cantankerous bellow, this will most definitely only appeal to extreme undergrounders who expect to be battered by their music. These ears hear a first wave black metal band whose members have sampled some illicit drugs, causing the band t

VANDOR - In The Land Of Vandor

Soaring vocals? High fantasy? Scorched fretboards? Sweden’s Vandor rides triumphant into battle for their debut album, In The Land of Vandor

FORDAERV - Knep Dig Selv Ihjel

If you're looking for some punishing grindcore, this debut full length from Denmark's Fordaerv (translation - 'corruption) will


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