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HLX1 - Taaar Jurhaath Miykht

Release date April 24/19 (Bandcamp)

The other day I received the following threat from outer space:

"Greetings, human! I am HLX1-IGNM54, intergalactic negotiation module no.54 of HLX1. You have been chosen as one of the most worthy musical taste developing specimen of your kind. Through the voice of The Mighty Decibel we shall unleash aural fear and sonic devastation in the name of Yullama Rima-Akta VI, supreme emperor of our capital planet Nhakuu-3! We insist on your cooperation in spreading the shock wave of our first strike, "Taaar Jurkhaath Miykht", which shall commence on 45.59409.21123 (*04.24.2019 - earth calendar) via Bandcamp and YouTube. Any form of resistance shall lead to immediate extermination."

Not wanting to start an interstellar war, I now submit myself to the task of reviewing said new single, as demanded. Considering that it was created on another planet, it's no surprise that the offering will sound somewhat alien to earth ears. However, listen more closely and you can hear what could be described as another being's interpretation of our industrial form of black metal. Lots of blast beats played eerily in the vacuum of space, with what sounds like a black metal cackle vocalist processed through a computer greets the listener. Perhaps Nhakuu-3 received a copy of Aborym's With No Human Intervention and reinterpreted in their fashion. I don't know. Regardless, if this is the sound of what total domination of Earth is to sound like, I'm okay with it. (Thank god they didn't receive a copy of a symphonic black metal album instead.)


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