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Release date April 19/19 (Nuclear Blast)

In 2008 Grand Magus fully transformed themselves from doom outfit to traditional metal unit with their (at the time) fourth release Iron Will, one of the best albums of that year. Since then the Swedish band have stayed on their trad metal course, issuing four more releases (Hammer Of The North, The Hunt, Triumph & Power and Sword Songs), all of which were very strong platters (think 7.5 or 8 out of 10s), but none of which raised to the level of sublime, like Iron Will. Now we have their latest in hand, Wolf God. What hath the band in store for us this time? Read on dear readers ...

The good news for long time fans is that Grand Magus haven't changed their style here. Very much a 'don't fix it if it ain't broke' release, the band continue to deliver high quality, chest-beating metal that Manowar must surely wish they could still make. Each track is built off a chunky, headbanging riff, while JB passionately sings of war and victory, many of the choruses likely going to become crowd singalong favorites. I can clearly envisage mobs of people raising their ales high in salute on the European festival fields this summer. Mostly sitting in the mid-tempo pocket, this is the stuff that trad metallers live and die for.

Just heard that the Swedish unit will be coming to North American shores in October, joining Amon Amarth, At The Gates and Arch Enemy. Can't wait!


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