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BLACKRAT - Dread Reverence

Opening track 'Into The Ebony' falls all about in a raucous fury, poking the listener in the eye with a metal/punk

VANIK - II Dark Season

This is the second release by these Americans. The brainchild of guitarist/vocalist/leader Vanik, who is, if the

TERRORIZER - Caustic Attack

Terrorizer spend the first six minutes seemingly trying to prove their grind street-cred in a one-dimensional display of

HOLOCAUSTO - Guerra Total

Released October 5/18 (Nuclear War Now!) According to the trusty Encyclopaedia Metallum, Holocausto have been in business since 1985, with many transformations taking place over its history, as band membership continued to change. Starting out as a black/thrash outfit, transitioning to technical thrash, even dallying in industrial and doom for one release, before turning to crossover, it's clear that the band don't like to be pinned down to one sub-genre of music. So, what do we find the Brazilians dallying in 30+ years into their existence on this 4-track, 12-minute E.P.? Well, seems that the original lineup has reconvened and the music has shifted back to its black/thrash roots. We're talk

LA CHINGA - Beyond The Sky

The band painting that adorns the cover of this debut full length from Vancouver's La Chinga certainly embraces the old

EVIL - The Gate Of Hell

Really enjoyed Evil's debut full length Rites Of Evil from 2017 (URL link to my review on

NAZARETH - Tattooed On My Brain

It isn't easy to replace an iconic vocalist like Dan McCafferty, but that is exactly what Nazareth have done, just two months

VULCAIN - Vinyle

Despite being in business since 1981 and being described as "France's Motorhead", this reviewer hadn't come into

VALDUR - Goat of Iniquity

Here's one that should be skipped by the faint of heart. On their sixth full length, California's Valdur


Gateways is the third album from Iceland's The Vintage Caravan (the fourth including an initial self-released album when

AKVAN - Esfandiyar

Exotic Iranian black folk metal on tap here with this two-tracker from one-man band Akvan. Dominus Vizaresa, who was

VOIVOD - The Wake

This is the 14th studio album from the pride of Quebec, Voivod. The Wake continues the transition of Voivod


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