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BLACKRAT - Dread Reverence

Released November 23/18 (Shadow Kingdom)

Opening track 'Into The Ebony' falls all about in a raucous fury, poking the listener in the eye with a metal/punk extended middle finger. Wake up people! Followup 'Lust To Burn' proves to be a little less chaotic, instead going all black/speed a la Midnight. 'Coffin Rock' keeps the momentum going, racing along frenetically like our friendly Venom of old. The pace is throttled back somewhat on the subsequent 'Thrall To The Gallows', grinding out a cross between Celtic Frost and Darkthrone. There you have a description of the first half of the third album from Calgary, Alberta's Blackrat, which is representative of the whole 40-minute package ... with the exception of some sped-up NWOBHM references inserted later on.

Ballistic energy levels throughout, you can easily picture the lads practicing in some dark, dank rehearsal space, heads-down, throttling their instruments into submission. Utilizing two vocalists, one of whom who belches akin to Cronos, Blackrat enthusiastically brings the heat here. Serious ramshackle extremism for those who crave some punk in their metal.


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