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WOLFBLOOD - Nightriders

Release date July 27/18 (Reaper Metal Productions) Self-proclaimed "Motorpunks" Wolfblood have issued their debut EP which certain

JUNGLE ROT - Jungle Rot

Release date July 20/18 (Victory) Thirteen years into pounding out thrash-infected death metal, Wisconsin-based Jungle Rot have chosen to se

LUCIFER - Lucifer II

Release date July 6/18 (Century Media) Second full length from doomsters Lucifer finds a wholesale lineup change with the exception of vocal

DEATHSTORM - Reaping What Is Left

Release date May 25/18 (High Roller) I'm joining the rising resistance of those who oppose the inclusion of useless album intros. It&#39

CRAFT - White Noise and Black Metal

Release date June 22/18 (Season Of Mist) Swedish black metallers Craft have been on my radar since their 2000 debut Total Soul Rape. Having


Release date June 2018 (Southern Hell Records) Here we have a three-track 15-minute black metal EP (discounting two throwaway "eerie&qu

KHEMMIS - Desolation

Release date June 15/18 (Nuclear Blast) Lots of buzz around this youthful unit, its previous two discs capturing the attention of doom fanat

IMMORTAL - Northern Chaos Gods

Release date July 6/18 (Nuclear Blast) There's no question in this metal head's mind that 2018 is quickly turning out to be the year

HARTMANN - Hands On The Wheel

Release date May 18/18 (Pride & Joy) The walls at The Mighty Decibel central shake more often than not from endless hours of hard rock a

HAUNT - Burst Into Flame

Release date August 10/18 (Shadow Kingdom) The last time I ran into Haunt was in reviewing their 2017 debut EP Luminous Eyes. Hot off its he

THRUST - Harvest Of Souls

Release date April 27, 2018 (Pure Steel Records) Back in 1984 my brother brought home Thrust’s first full length album Fist Held High. Altho


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