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WOLFBLOOD - Nightriders

Release date July 27/18 (Reaper Metal Productions)

Self-proclaimed "Motorpunks" Wolfblood have issued their debut EP which certainly lives up to the musical description. If you like your Motorhead punked-up and savage, then this Denmark-based unit have a release for you. Not as race-frenzied as the similarly Lemmy-inspired Zeke, but just as headbanged, Wolfblood add a little more punk'n'roll swivel-hip to their approach instead.

Opener 'Fury Road' proves to be the most feral and least Motorhead-inspired of the five track, thirteen-minute EP, pummeling in street-heated fashion. The following three tracks ('Rot'N'Roll', 'Ride With Satan' and 'Serpent Queen') though are all high speed, punk-fueled mayhem a la Midnight, with tons of rocking-'til-dawn lead guitar solos that should get pits moving wherever the band descends. The cover of Tank's 'Turn Your Head Around' completes the package, an inspired selection that sounds like Poison Idea dragging the track through the punk-rock ringer.

Blistering, fun stuff from another up-and-coming band.


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