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MADBALL - For The Cause

Release date June 15/18 (Nuclear Blast) Been a hardcore fan since the 80's when I discovered Agnostic Front's Liberty And Justice Fo

GLANVILLE - First Blood

Release date July 6/18 (Fat & Holy Records) 5-song EP from new German hard rock/metallers Glanville on tap. First track 'God Is Dead

VOMITOR - Pestilent Death

Release date April 20/18 (Hells Headbangers) Some way cool death/thrash out of Australia here. Old school thrash influences abound - a rough

MARDUK - Viktoria

Release date June 22/18 (Century Media) With Viktoria, Marduk proves once again why they are considered the premier violent black metal band

NAZARETH - No Mean City

Release date January 1979 Fond memories of seeing Nazareth live for the first time in 1979 at my favorite concert of all time - the Canadian


Release date June 15/18 (NoEvDia) The last time I ran into Funeral Mist was in 2003 while imbibing their debut full length, Salvation. Given that vocalist/guitarist Arioch of Triumphator fame was in the band, it was no surprise that it proved to be a vicious black metal platter. The cover art (depicting Christ and two babies (one beheaded) crucified side-by-side) was the other dead give-away, of course. I missed the sophomore Maranatha issued in 2009, unfortunately. Nine years later and Funeral Mist have now issued their third full length, Hekatomb. Arioch has since also taken over the mic for the mighty Marduk (under the stage name Mortuus), so he is part of no less than three of the most i

WALLFAHRER - Anthologie Der Abkehr

Release date April 27/18 (Bandcamp) I remember when I first heard Nagelfar's Virus West opus in 2001, immediately being enamored by the guttural vocals sung in their native German. To me there is no better language to sing in to lay the black metal hammer down. I have no clue what the lyrics mean, but there's no questioning the filthy, raw effect they provide. Wallfahrer is another German-based band that sing in their native tongue and actually are relatively close in sound to Nagelfar. There is an overall epic vibe to their sound, but at its underlying core is powerful/memorable mid-tempo blackness that draws the listener in. Spoken parts, acoustic sections and church bells are intermittent


Release date August 10/18 (Blood Harvest) Quick hitter black metal split EP on tap. First up is a single sub-eight-minute track from Califor

IRON VOID - Excalibur

Release date May 25/18 (Shadow Kingdom) The U.K. are the unquestioned leaders for delivering top shelf doom metal

TSJUDER - Throne Of The Goat

Release date June 8/18 (Season Of Mist) Re-recording material is a tricky proposition; it risks upsetting a band's core fans who embrace

NACHASH - Phantasmal Trinunity

Release date August 10/18 (Shadow Kingdom) If I had to describe Phantasmal Trinunity in one word, it would be 'triumphant'. At their

KATAKLYSM - Meditations

Release date June 1/18 (Nuclear Blast) Between 2000 and 2002 Kataklysm could no wrong, the three albums they issued during that period all b

FINIS - Visions Of Doom

Release date July 6/18 (Iron Bonehead) In hand is the debut three-track EP from German unit Finis. While described as a black/death unit by

TED NUGENT - Discography Review

In our discography reviews we will rank all full-length studio albums from important heavy metal, hard rock and punk bands from best to wors

GRUESOME - Twisted Prayers

Release date June 1/18 (Relapse) Members of the Death To All tribute band had such a blast belting out Death ditties that they decided to create new music in the vein of Chuck Schuldiner's legendary outfit. To date the pattern has been to create homages to different albums/eras of the Death discography with each Gruesome release (in non-chronological order). There was the debut Savage Land that was inspired by the Leprosy opus, followed by a couple of EPs - the Scream Bloody Gore-referenced Dimensions Of Horror and then Fragments Of Psyche that was influenced by Human. Now we have the Twisted Prayers full length that is an homage to Death's Spiritual Healing album. Anybody who has heard and

BLOOD TSUNAMI - Grave Condition

Release date April 27/18 (Soulseller) Norwegian thrashers Blood Tsunami storm out of the gate with three intense tracks, making slight refer


Release date: May 11, 2018 (Frontiers Music) Hard Times is the sophomore release from the UK’s Doomsday Outlaw. After listening to this albu


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