Release date June 14/18 (Nuclear War Now!)

Why the hell would anyone call themselves Blasphamagoatachrist, you may ask? Simple really. It is an amalgamation of references to the members' core units - Blasphemy (Canada), Goatpenis (Brazil) and Antichrist (Canada). (Not sure why they didn't go with the more obvious Penisblasachrist, but I digress.)

If you know any of the aforementioned bands, then you know that Black Metal Warfare ain't gonna be for the faint of heart. These dudes probably consider black/death to be for wimps, venting their anger through the none-too-subtle war metal sub-genre instead.

Opening with the martial drum-led 'Ze Blasphamgoatachrist Machine' pseudo-instrumental (which refers to Mayhem's 'A Grand Declaration Of War'), the dudes then let loose with all cannons on 'Tyrannic Empire' and 'Blasphamagoatachrist'. Sounding like a blackened Krisiun, the wall of intensity that they generate is impressive to say the least. Guttural, incoherent vox are buried underneath the grinding, guitar-drenched rhythmic assault, ceaselessly battering the listener. You'll need a towel to wipe yourself off after imbibing this.

Short (under twenty minutes), but definitely not sweet, this challenges Morbosidad's Corona de Epidemia as the most intense platter of 2018. Beware.