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SISSY SPACEK - Ways Of Confusion

Release date August 1/18 (Nuclear War Now! Productions) I delve into most of the extreme metal sub-genres greedily, imbibing the likes of bl


Live May 23/18 - Lee's Palace, Toronto On a Wednesday night in Toronto, the Supersuckers blew into town. When the World’s Greatest (acti

AMORPHIS - Queen Of Time

Release date May 18/18 (Nuclear Blast) The 1990's was a period of transformation for Amorphis as they morphed from a straight-up death m

IRON ANGEL - Hellbound

Release date May 4/18 (Mighty Music) Banzai records here in Canada used to include a speed metal icon on extreme metal album covers in the m

LIK - Carnage

Release date May 4/18 (Metal Blade) "Familiarity breeds contempt". When this saying is applied to music, it would imply that album


Release date May 11, 2018 (Frontiers Records) 45 years into their career, Chris and Tino Troy are back with Praying Mantis’ eleventh studio album. The band’s releases over the last four decades have never reached the quality of their brilliant 1981 debut LP Time Tells No Lies, and their new album Gravity continues that slump. The initial track, “Keep it Alive” starts this outing on a decent footing, being a quick paced hard rocker with lots of PM’s trademark guitar harmonies and the best backing vocals in the business. But from there, things deteriorate quickly. The following two tracks (“Mantis Anthem” and “Time Can Heal”) are god awful, and although most of the remainder of this effort

POUNDER - Faster Than Fire

Release date May 25/18 (Shadow Kingdom) Here we have a debut 3-track EP from traditional heavy metallists, Pounder. The opening title track

KING GOAT - Debt Of Aeons

Release date April 20/18 (Aural Music) I can understand why people seem to be drawn to this sophomore full length from U.K.'s progressiv

VAN HALEN - Discography Review

In our discography reviews we will rank all full-length studio albums from important heavy metal, hard rock and punk bands from best to wors

GOAT DISCIPLE - Wolfcult Domination

Release date June 15/18 (Blood Harvest) Goat Disciple practice the fine art of war metal, so expect some extreme bludgeoning when approachin


Release date May 25/17 (Nuclear Blast) At their best, Graveyard mines the same territory that Earthless pursued on their Black Heaven opus e

RIOT V - Armor Of Light

Release date April 27/18 (Nuclear Blast) This is Riot’s second release since the 2012 death of founder/leader/guitarist Marke Reale. They ar

SKOGEN - Skuggorna Kallar

Release date May 25/18 (Nordvis) Here we have the fifth full length from Swedish blackened folk unit Skogen (Swedish for "the forest&qu


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