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(Playlist) VARDIS - In 40 Minutes

Welcome back to the NWOBHM!!

This edition of our In 40 Minutes series focuses on the underrated discography of boogie metalheads Vardis. Think Status Quo on speed and you'll be in the right headspace.

Get out of the way ... there's a boogie blitz comin' at ya!!!

Side One

100 MPH (1980)

(0:00) Out of the Way

(2:55) Situation Negative

(6:29) If I Were King

The World's Insane (1981)

(10:40) Power Under Foot

(13:24) Curse the Gods

(15:57) Love Is Dead

(18:38) Steamin' Along

Side 2

Quo Vardis (1982)

(22:54) Together Tonight

(26:53) Gary Glitter (Pt. 1)

(30:21) Boogie Blitz

Vigilante (1986)

(33:56) Radio Rockers

Red Eye (2016)

(36:52) Paranoia Strikes


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