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(Playlist) 2023 - THE YEAR IN STONER DOOM

Join The Mighty Decibel for our specially curated look (listen?) at the best in stoner doom metal for the year (along with some death doom and sludge). Listen along and have all your hopes and dreams, along with your skull, crushed!

We're all doomed!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Padre Karras": DROGULA - Drogula

(6:00) "Lolly Willows": BLOOD CEREMONY - The Old Ways Remain

(9:35) "Obsidian": BLESSED BLACK - Seasons: Vol. 1

(13:02) "Maxine (Witch Queen)": GREEN LUNG - This Heathen Land

(16:39) "High Priestess": KADABRA - Umbra

(22:59) "Summoned From Moribund Delusions": ETERNAL ROT - Moribound

Side 2

(27:22) "Murder In Slow Motion": HEX A.D. - Delightful Shary Edges

(32:25) "Blood Meridian": SAINT KARLOFF - Paleolithic War Crimes

(37:47) "Obsidian": BLESSED BLACK - Seasons: Vol. 1

(41:14) "Weary Traveler": FAERIE RING - Weary Traveler

(46:19) "Warlock's Eye": SLOTH - Sloth (6:56)

(53:14) "Sign of Disaster": FLASHBACK - The Draconic Oath


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