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(Playlist) 1991:THE YEAR IN METAL - In 40 Minutes

We continue our 'The Year In Metal" series moving into the 90s ... not a great decade for the fortunes of heavy metal.

This 1991 episode shows that no specific heavy sub-genre was leading the pack, instead we have as diverse a grouping as you'll ever find in our ever growing series. From extreme metal to folk metal, from punk to hard rock, from boogie rock to grindcore ... it's all represented in this ode to 1991.

Don't worry though, metal will arise after the 90s!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Arise": SEPULTURA - Arise

(3:26) "Homesick Blues": THE FOUR HORSEMEN - Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

(5:58) "Territorial Pissings": NIRVANA - Nevermind

(8:21) "Cheers": RAZOR - Open Hostility

(10:56) "I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)": MOTORHEAD - 1916

(14:10) "Sinners Bleed": ENTOMBED - Clandestine

(19:20) "Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition": CARCASS - Necrotism - Discanting The Insalubrious

Side 2

(23:23) "The Widdershins Jig": SKYCLAD - The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth

(27:04) "Right Between The Eyes": NAZARETH - No Jive

(30:10) "Soul Sacrifice": CATHEDRAL - Forest of Equilibrium

(33:03) "Soon To Be Dead": DISMEMBER - Like An Everflowing Stream

(35:00) "Tribes": VENOM - Temples of Ice

(39:21) "Premature Burial": MALEVOLENT CREATION - The Ten Commandments

(42:39) "One Man Band": STATUS QUO - Rock 'Til You Drop


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