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(Playlist) 10,000 YEARS - In 40 Minutes

Hold onto your ear muffs, it's time for some earth-shatteringly heavy sludge on our next 'In 40 Minutes" session.

Today let us wallow in the heaviosity that is Sweden's 10,000 Years with a best-of playlist from their first three releases. Housing a conceptual trilogy tracking the comings and goings of the good ship Albatross as it goes forward in time to Earth's future where the Green King reigns supreme.

Descend into the future!!!!

Side One

10,000 YEARS (2020)

(0:00) Albatross Landing

(3:27) Lee Van Cleef

II (2021)

(6:33) Descent

(6:58) Gargantuan Forest

(12:40) Angel Eyes

Side 2

(17:02) March of the Ancient Queen

III (2022)

(23:24) Cult Axe

(28:21) Desert of Madness

(34:57) Ill Cattivo


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