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(Hardcore Punk) HEAVY DISCIPLINE - Heavy Discipline album review

Release date September 11, 2020 (

High energy, each track different from the last, a hoot to listen to, Pittsburgh's Heavy Discipline have hit a home run with their self-titled full length that will appeal to old school hardcore punk fans. Utilizing different tempos, great shout vocals (akin to Sick Of It All's Lou Koller) and a knack for writing memorable songs, this is one extremely strong debut.

Call me impressed. While listening to this, thoughts of DRI, Poison Idea, Final Conflict and Crumbsuckers kept flooding my brain. There's no specific similarities, just that on early listens this album resides in the same rarefied air as such hardcore punk classics as Four Of A Kind, Kings of Punk, Ashes To Ashes and Life Of Dreams. Of course, only time and more repeated listens will determine if this album reaches the same legendary status, but I'm looking forward to finding out.



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