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(Extreme Metal) DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Maudiir and Grand Cadaver

Once more The Mighty Decibel dives headfirst into the metal underground with some more EPs for review.

First up, we visit Canada's metal hotbed of Montreal to take in the new EP, La Parte du Diable, from Maudiir (Feb 19th - to be issued independently). If forced to pigeon-hole, I'd say that the one-man band exists in the progressive black/thrash zone, overall landing in a spot where extreme metal begins. This comes across as relatively accessible and modern, despite the pummeling drum sound, bracing guitar and bile vocals, not an easy thing to achieve. They are in the same family tree as their provincial compatriots Voivod, but on the slightly less odd side of the family. Professional in every respect, the production and playing are top notch, and the song writing is obviously advanced as well, rendering me very surprised that this hasn't been picked up by a label yet. (7.5)

Next up, Madness Comes, the debut EP from Sweden's Grand Cadaver (Feb 12/21 via Majestic Mountain Records). Containing some elements of their native Swedish death metal sound, that being leveraging the infamous buzzsaw guitar tone, the lads break ranks somewhat though. The inclusion of doom elements, along with atypical rhythmic sections differentiate them from the Swedish DM masses. Additionally, vocalist Mikael Stanne is a standout here, his sneering gargling reminiscent of Jeff Walker of Carcass fame. A promising opening gambit from the newly formed unit. (7)


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