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(Album Review) DEATH RIDGE BOYS - Too Much Bullshit

Relased: August 8, 2023 (TKO Records)

Written by Jeff Tighe

Too Much Bullshit is the third album by Portland, Oregon punk rockers Death Ridge Boys.  What's on tap here is some aggressive, but fairly melodic, old school punk.  This is the kind of stuff us old timers were listening too in the late 70s and early 80s, and this style still sounds great today.

This collection of 12 songs is made up of a dozen two minute blasts of steamrolling punk kicking off with "Not Alright", a nihilistic ditty about the modern lives of urban youth.  It is followed up by "Robot Blues", a working class anthem to the societal risks of automation. There is an undercurrent of left wing working class distaste of the way society has developed in the lyrics, such as those found in "Oh Fashy" and "No King".

The songs are all well written with memorable melodies and sing along choruses. A few of the songs such as "Rise and Fall" and "Too Much Bullshit Part 1" are reminiscent of Dropkick Murphys, but this is probably due to the fact that the bands come from similar societal and musical backgrounds.

William Harris' vocals are rough and they have an edge while still being able to carry a melody.  Lead guitarist Dominic DiBenedetto, bassist Jonathan Hughes and drummer Erik Trexel (along with rhythm guitar supplied by Harris) keep the songs moving in a clean, professional and quality manner with catchy hooks in every song.

This is highly recommended for anyone who likes their punk mixed with melody.



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