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(Podcast) STATUS QUO - Discography Review

The Mighty Decibel completes its second discography review podcast, focusing on boogie kings Status Quo.

From Pictures Of Messages From The Status Quo to Bula Quo, all 27 (!) original studio albums are ravaged or lustily approved in this critical review ... with highlight tracks to help set the record straight!


1. Correction - fourth album is Dog Of Two Head (not "Day Of Two Head"). Duh!

2. Subsequent to this podcast, Quo issued the underwhelming Backbone album in 2019 (review can be found below).

(6:54) ''Don't Waste My Time' - Piledriver

(13:15) ''Break The Rules' - Quo

(17:05) 'Down, Down' - On The Level

(23:39) 'Is There A Better Way' - Blue For You

(28:02) 'Hold You Back' - Rockin' All Over The World

(34:01) ''Shady Lady' - Whatever You Want

(38:52) ''Mountain Lady' - Never Too Late

(45:41) ''Ol' Rag Blues' - Back To Back

(50:25) 'Burning Bridges' - Ain't Complaining

(55:53) ''One Man Band' - Rock 'Til You Drop

(1:01:50) 'The Way It Goes' - Under The Influence

(1:07:22) ''Dust To Gold' - Quid Pro Quo

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