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WITCHFYRE - Grimorium Verum

Here we have the debut full length from Spain's Witchfyre who embrace old school, traditional heavy metal with a dash

ULVEGR - Vargkult

Release date January 30/18 (Ashen Dominion) When a band issues a follow-up album less than a year later it usually sends the signal to expec

CHAOSHORDE - Hordes Are Rising

Release date August 1/18 (Bandcamp) Four-track, fifteen-minute EP from Greek speed/black metal enthusiasts Chaosphere on tap here. The title

CHAINBREAKER - Wasteland City

Release date April 17/18 (Bandcamp) Slayer retiring and the greying of the rest of the Big Four could be interpreted as a cause for concern


Release date July 8/18 (Bandcamp / Under Cover Records) I'm pretty liberal with respect to displaying album covers on this site, but the

TERRORHAMMER - In The Name Of Hell

Release date January 30/18 (Bandcamp) Opening with an ominous instrumental opener that properly sets the mood (rain, church bell, woman scre


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