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(Podcast/Video) HARDCORE PUNK NEW RELEASES - September/October 2022

It's time to revel in the new hardcore punk, d-beat, metal punk and grindcore releases issued from September and October 2022.

Grind 'til death!!



(0:00) "Surrounded By Filth"

KILL DIVISION - Peace Through Tyranny

(3:46) "Nadaran"

ZANJEER - Parcham Buland Ast

(5:01) "Gasen I Botten"

MASSGRAV - Slowly We Rock

(6:23) "The Fallen Hero" DEMOLITION AXE - If You Want War You've Got It

(9:56) "Culpables De Tu Odio" ARMA X - Violento Ritual

(12:35) "Image Infection"

VILE SPECIES - Against The Values of Society

(14:21) "The Few"


(15:27) "Poisoned Chalice"

LANGUISH - Feeding The Flames of Annihilation

(16:42) "Inferno Portal Aggressors" ONSLAUGHT KOMMAND - Demo I

(18:56) "Piss Stigmata"

TURBOCHARGED - Alpha Beast, Omega God

(23:54) "Reposeido"

MORGUE BREATH - Expectoraciones Exequales desde las Profundidades Fantamiasma

(22:00) "Obi Wan Has PTSD from the Clone Wars"

SHITSTORMTROOPER - Houston Powerviolence Crew

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