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(Podcast) HARD'N'HEAVY NEW RELEASES - Nov/Dec 2020

Our Hard'N'Heavy series of podcasts focuses on new traditional metal and hard rock releases ... along with the odd hard rock'n'roll and melodic punk outing. Basically anything that doesn't fit on our Extreme Metal, Hardcore Punk or Doom series!

This edition we focus on November/December 2020 releases. Horns up!



(00:00) POSSESSED STEEL - Aedris (Temple of Mystery)

(5:08) GAMA BOMB - Sea Savage (Prosthetic)

(8:07) TIME RIFT - Eternal Rock (Dying Victims)

(12:53) SATAN'S FALL - Final Day (Independent)

(16:40) VIKING QUEEN - Hammer of the Gods (Dr. John's Surgery Records)

(20:13) WHITE MAGICIAN - Dealer of Divinity (Cruz Del Sur)

(25:29) INCURSION - The Hunter (No Remorse)

(29:21) SHADOW WARRIOR - Cyberblade (Ossuary Records)


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