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(Playlist) VENOM (81-87)- In 40 Minutes

Let's venture into the birth of black metal now, shall we.

Specifically The Mighty Decibel celebrates the birth of the sub-genre by revisiting the first five classic albums of the Venom discography when Cronos was at the mic.

Too loud for the crowd ... but not for the sons of Satan!!!

Side One

Welcome To Hell (1981)

(0:00) Sons of Satan

(3:40) Welcome To Hell

(6:55) Live Like An Angel

(10:55) Witching Hour

Black Metal (1982)

(15:40) Black Metal

(19:22) Leave Me In Hell

(22:55) Countess Bathory

(26:40) Don't Burn the Witch

At War With Satan (1984)

(29:57) Rip Ride

Side 2

Possessed (1985)

(33:07) Satanachist

(35:51) Too Loud For the Crowd

Calm Before the Storm (1987)

(38:53) Metal Punk


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