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(Playlist) FUTHARK RECORDS PRESENTS ... Black Metal Cuts

The second Tuesday of every month we will be hosting a playlist of extreme metal curated by Futhark Records owner and founder, Claus Nader.

In this latest episode, Claus shares some black metal metal faves that pollute the ears of those who visit his store. Visit Claus at his shop (in the Danforth/Greenwood area of east Toronto) and tell him that The Mighty Decibel sent you!!!



Side 1

(0:00) "Tears of Terra"

ULFUD - Of Existential Distortion (Dark Descent, 2023)

(5:19) "Arrow and Beast"

FERAL LIGHT - Fear Rides A Shadow (Pulverised Records, 2019)

(11:32) "Barbarian Black Horde"

IMPIETY - Versus All Gods (Iron Bonehead Productions, 2019)

(16:11) "The Negation of Delirium"

SORGUINAZIA - The Negation of Delirium (Iron Bonehead Productions, 2021)

Side 2

(23:34) "Suicidal Allegretto in Fuck You Minor"

ASBEL - Towards the Open Arms of Negation (Blasphemous Attack Productions, 2020)

(28:47) "Atlantia"

KAWIR - Adrasteia (Iron Bonehead Productions, 2019)

(35:36) "Des Wanderers Traum"

AARA - Triade III : Nyx (Debemur MOrti Productions, 2023)


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