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(Playlist) BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - In 40 Minutes

Many a hard rocker have turned their backs to Ritchie Blackmore when he hung up his electric guitar in the late 90s to entertain his interest in Renaissance music by creating Blackmore's Night with his vocalist and soon to be wife, Candace Night.

Sure, Deep Purple and Rainbow fanatics will not find power chords in this venture, but dammit what beautiful sounds you'll encounter if you open your ears to the band. Hurdy gurdy, acoustic guitar, mandolin and wood winds abound as the music takes you back to a time when music was played by candle light.

In this playlist you'll find the essential 40 minutes from the Blackmore's Night discography.

Raise your hands and your glasses too!!!

Side One

Shadow of the Moon (1997)

(0:00) The Clock Ticks On

(5:14) Play Minstrel Play

Under A Violet Moon (1999)

(9:11) Under A Violet Moon

(13:32) Avalon

(16:34) Wind In the Willows

Side 2

Fires At Midnight (2001)

(20:44) Home Again

(26:09) Crowning of the King

Ghost of A Rose (2003)

(30:33) Queen For A Day (Part 2)

(32:02) Loreley

The Village Lantern (2006)

(35:32) The Olde Mill Inn

The Secret Voyage (2008)

(38:46) Toast To Tomorrow


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