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(Playlist) AC/DC (DEEP ALBUM TRACKS) - In 40 Minutes

This week we return to our "Deep Album Tracks" series where we focus on songs never/rarely played by a well known band despite the tracks being more than worthy.

This edition we look into the vault for some AC/DC songs that deserved the live treatment and could have easily displaced a number of other regularly played songs by the Aussies ("The Jack", "TNT", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" and the list goes on unfortunately!).

Time to be kicked in the teeth!!!

Side One

Let There Be Rock (1977)

(0:00) Go Down

(5:15) Overdose

Powerage (1978)

(11:26) Kicked In The Teeth

(15:19) Gimme Me A Bullet

Highway To Hell (1979)

(18:39) A Touch Too Much

Side 2

Back In Black (1980)

(23:05) Shake A Leg

Flick of the Switch (1983)

(27:09) Landslide

(31:05) Brain Shake

Fly on the Wall (1985)

(35:04) First Blood

Blow Up Your Video (1988)

(38:47) This Means War


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