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(Playlist) 70s FOGHAT - In 40 Minutes

The 70s had two band's that cornered the market on hard boogie. Status Quo ruled the roost across the pond, while Foghat was North America's answer for those who liked to "get down" (even though they were an English band, as well).

Personally, I found Foghat to be vastly inferior to the Mighty Quo, but we here at The Mighty Decibel still admire Foghat enough to put together this playlist of the best 40 minutes from their 70s output.

Don't be a fool, find out why the band caused road fever amongst their legions of fans throughout the 70s!

Side One

Foghat (1972)

(0:00) I Just Want To Make Love To You

Foghat (1973)

(4:20) Road Fever

Energized (1974)

(8:43) Honey Hush

(13:05) Wild Cherry

Rock'N'Roll Outlaws (1974)

(18:32) Shirley Jean

Side 2

Fool For The City (1975)

(22:19) Fool For The City

(26:51) Drive Me Home

Night Shift (1976)

(30:47) Drivin' Wheel

(36:00) Night Shift

Stone Blue (1978)

(41:34) Easy Money


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