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(Playlist) 70s AEROSMITH (DEEP CUTS) - In 40 Minutes

Boston's Aerosmith ruled the outdoor stadiums in the 70s fueled by a series of hit songs that received endless radio airplay ("Walk This Way", "Dream On", "Sweet Emotion", "Back In The Saddle", etc.).

Today we celebrate the deep album tracks from Aerosmith's 70s albums, undoubtedly the band's best period of its lengthy discography.

No more, no more radio hits!!!

Aerosmith (1973)

(0:00) Make It

(3:41) Walkin' The Dog

Get Your Wings (1974)

(6:54) S.O.S (Too Bad)

Toys In The Attic (1975)

(9:46) Adam's Apple

(14:21) No More, No More

Side 2

Rocks (1976)

(19:57) Nobody's Fault

(24:17) Get The Lead Out

Draw The Line (1977)

(27:59) The Hand That Feeds

(32:23) Sight For Sore Eyes

Night In The Ruts (1979)

(36:20) Chiquita

(30:40) Cheese Cake


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