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(Live Review) DESTRUCTION + SUPPORT - Reggies, Chicago (May/6/22)

Review by Mark McQueen

Heads will be banged.

VICIOUS ATTACK (death/thrash out of Chicago)

Yep. Band name is correct. Death metal vocals and thrash attack. Vicious is apt.

Plain mode of dress and nothing special. That said, I get it (the style) better so I’m not going to trash it. They did change tempos to allow some structure to their numbers. I certainly didn’t love it, but their 30 minutes was adequate to start a five-band show. Crowd was still light, so no pit. Little Johnny is pacing in anticipation. “Stay away from the Red Bull little dude”.


VX-36 (speed/thrash from California)

Awesome, Rasputin from Hellboy is on Bass. The hair spinning and head banging has begun. Nice screaming guitar leads. Strong drumming and vocals. Only negative is both are semi-death style. Still, these guys manifest better and the Beard acknowledges it. Good stage presence and hey…if the characters from LOTR need a gig, this band might be your place. Crowd is filling in. A few people are thrashing. Little Johnny is throwing horns. He is getting close to letting loose.


SUNLORD (heavy metal from NYC)

Sun Lord has a kind of Venom sound. Sort of punkish thrash. I kind of dig it. Good lighting. That orange, green combo suits this band. Thrash, but more melodic even with the punk stylings. The chick bassist could be a bit more energetic but then you know…..bassists in general are a dour bunch. Still, this was enjoyable. Not “go to the merch table” enjoyable, but enjoyable.

Little Johnny’s not sure what to do with this sound. Keeps him restrained at least until Nervosa hits the stage next, then all bets are off. One problem is the crowd response was weak. They haven’t bought in and that’s keeping the energy down. The Beard may like this, but the crowd is pulling down their grade. 75/100

NERVOSA (female thrash from Brazil)

First time seeing them since 2016 and they changed everyone but the guitarist. Well, let’s see how this goes. Might be a whole different sound. Nope. Nervosa still kills it.

Love the accents. They’re hot. The guitarist can really play. The bassist is “Holy Shit” with an axe in her hands. This a woman that if she killed you, you wouldn’t mind dying. This is a good thrash band.

I could watch and listen for a long time and for thrash that’s saying something. Strong dominant set of thrash from Nervosa. Those ladies can play and seem like they’re having a good time doing it. The crowd was hot and the pit was churning.

Little Johnny lost a sock. Wait a minute. You still have both shoes? How the Hell did you do that? What? Backstage with Mia Wallace(Nervosa bass player)? How did you? Shit, he’s gone again.

The Beard must remain and review Destruction. The metal insanity goes on fans. But fear not, the Beard is here to chronicle it.



One of the big three, along with Sodom and Kreator, from the German thrash metal scene of the 1980’s. A first for me, so the Beard is anxious.

Destruction manifests with a thrash voice, not a death voice. Mostly understandable and it fit with their musical attack. This is a polished thrash band born of a lot of shows and a lot of tours. I’m more impressed with the performance than the songs though.

Annnd a giant inflatable shark just flew by me. NOW ITS A METAL SHOW!!

Distraction asides, to continue my point. Destruction exemplifies professional touring thrash. It’s the little things. Group timing. Smooth transition between songs. Synchronization while still being heavy. Range in vocals. Good accentuated lights. This is a performance. And yes, fans the crowd is with them.

Not sure where little Johnny is, but it’s a sea of humanity out there. I thought Nervosa produced a “pit”. Destruction produced a room sized super pit. Your “old” reviewer shall remain safely ensconced and out of harms way. A very solid set of old school thrash.


Another night of chaos but we know, The Beard brings you only the best.

And as always, look for me on

Until next time. “Johnny? Where are you?


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