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(Album Review) VICTORY - Gods of Tomorrow

Release date: November 26, 2021

Written by Jeff Tighe

Gods of Tomorrow is the 11th studio album from Victory (and their first in 10 years). Victory are the creation of former Accept guitarist Herman Frank, and having released their first album in 1985, they are certainly veterans of the hard rock and heavy metal genres. And that experience is on display throughout this 14 song, 54 minute effort.

The band switch seamlessly between driving hard rock, riffing heavy metal and the occasional power ballad. All their songs are well written and flawlessly performed. The album starts with "Love & Hate", a hard rock number which is reminiscent of the better songs of the Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen. That is followed by the title track, a heavy metal number which could have fit on any Accept album. The next number, "Cut to the Bone" is a fast hard rock song that sounds something like Black Star Riders. Then it is into a power ballad, "Dying in Your Arms". And while power ballads generally suck as a rule, this one isn't bad, with a sing-along chorus.

And that is the way this album goes. Switching from one style to another while maintaining the high writing quality throughout. Gianni Pontillo's English language vocals are delivered clean, but with enough of a rasp to make them interesting (similar to the aforementioned Sammy Hagar). This album is very much guitar driven by Frank and Mike Pesin laying down the riffs and delivering short, but interesting, solos as required. Bassist Malte Burkert and drummer Michael Wolpers lay down the backbeat flawlessly. The production is also top notch.

Other highlights include the metal songs "Into the Light" and "Rising Force" ( a couple of speedy numbers) and "My Own Desire" (mid-paced riffage that sound a bit like Kiss when they are in a harder mood). Great stuff for fans of trad metal and hard rock.



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