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(Album Review) HELLCRASH - Krvcifix Invertor

Release date: February 6, 2021, Dying Victims Productions

Written by Jeff Tighe

Given their 2013 formation, it is a bit of a surprise that this is the debut full length for Italy's Hellcrash. But it was worth the wait, because this is one seething pot of Satanic evil they have produced. Krvcifix Invertor is a 9 song, 48 minute ode to all things Lucifer: "War Against Christ", "Satanic Heresy", "Raped by Satan", you get the idea.

The first thing that most fans will note is that the English language lead vocals of guitarist Hellraiser bear more than just a passing resemblance to Cronos of Venom....when he was younger. Really, if you were to hear Hellraiser's vocals without knowing who it is, you would simply assume it is Cronos, and that ain't a bad thing. This is his actual singing voice, it isn't just some talentless black metal affectation.

Instrumentally this sounds like the child of Venom crossed with early Bathory. Most of the songs are about Satan and speed. "Hordes of Satan" starts out mid-paced, but it is full speed ahead by half way through the song. There are enough tempo changes in most songs, like "Into the Necropolis", to keep it from getting boring. Drummer Nightkiller and bassist Skullcrusher do an admirable job keeping the pace going throughout.

But this isn't just a monument to noise, as the band has spent some time writing the album (they did have 8 years). There are enough hooks in the songs that they are memorable beyond their simple velocity and blackened speed. There may be heavier bands out there (although not too many), but few have mastered writing a catchy song delivered with this intensity.

Overall, some people will probably claim this is derivative of what has come before (especially lyrically), but it is so well written and performed that most of us won't care. (7.5)


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