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(Podcast) HARDCORE PUNK NEW RELEASES - August/September 2020

Welcome to Hardcore Punk New Releases where this episode we'll be focusing in on August and September 2020 releases. The stream of quality d-beat, grind, crust, powerviolence, etc. discs this year begged for its own podcast series ... so here we are.

Grind it up!

Note: This will allow our Extreme Metal series to focus exclusively on the thrash, death and black metal sub-genres going forward.



(0:00) DROPDEAD - Dropdead (Armageddon Label)

(4:12) ANTES DE LAS GUERROS - Demo 2020 (Bandcamp)

(7:39) THE OWEN GUNS - Violating Community Standards (Riot Records)

(10:11) DIGEST! - Hard To Digest! (Bandcamp)

(13:24) TOURIST - tourist (Bandcamp)

(17:23) SOON - What The Fuck Did We Do To The Earth? (Bandcamp)

(19:24) DISM - Demon (Bandcamp)

(23:18) SCUMDOGS - No Life (Independent)

(25:52) THE PASSING - The Passing (Caligari Records)

(28:53) VENOMOUS CONCEPT - Politics Versus The Erection (Season Of Mist)

(31:43) BOMB HOARDER - The Final D-Beat (Bandcamp)

(34:34) MOLDERING VIBRATION - Buried Deep (Bandcamp)

(37:42) DECEIT - Life of Misery (Independent)

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