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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Demokhratia and System Collapse

Boldly leaping into the hardcore punk underground, The Mighty Decibel unearths two more EPs of sheer Armageddon for your perusal ...

First up we visit Algeria for an Arabic titled five-track, twelve minute EP from Demokhratia (Arabic translation -Democrashit). Musically, this is some first rate, aggressive hardcore punk, full of interesting riff changes and breakdowns, that works well in retaining listener attention. However, what really stands out here is the dual (duel?) vocal approach, each taking turns at chastising each other at the mic. One utilizes a higher pitched scream (think Sick Of It All's Lou Koller) while the other employs a more gruff attack, the latter intermittently switching to an almost-clean singing voice that is jarring in its relative melodicism. I found myself reaching for this over and over again ... some really unique and memorable stuff! (8.5)

We visit Germany next where System Collapse rev up the chainsaw guitars for their three-track Demo. Grinding things up with an almost Swedish death metal guitar assault, the lads rip heads off in an orgy of hc punk abandon. Vocals are of the gruff variety, suiting the punishing sound found here. Additionally, there are some chugging sections that will appeal to metalheads who are just beginning to dip their toes into the hardcore scene. A very good primer into the sub-genre. (7.5)

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