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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Fasad and Wulfaz

Once again into the salt mines everybody - it's time to scout out some more underground treasures ...

First up some blistering blackened crust from Portland, Maine's Fasad with their The End EP (Bandcamp). This takes you straight to their practice space, the band plugging in and delivering a relentless wave of crust punk over which a vocalist belches out a blackened roar totally in keeping with the blitzed aural assault. Damn, I love this type of over-the-top action, reaching and maintaining levels of aggression that will make non-extremists squirm in discomfort. Middle-finger-flying stuff! (8)

Next up, we visit Denmark for the slightly more regimented, but no less vicious, sophomore EP from Wulfaz, entitled Sotes Runer (Bandcamp). Containing three tracks, the unit provide uncompromising black metal with d-beat accents over which the vocalist sounds like a pissed off vampire rising from his casket after having his nap interrupted. Definitely not for the faint of heart, Wulfaz immediately sink their teeth into the listener and do not relinquish their hold until its sixteen-minute death sentence has been completed. Consider yourself drained of life. (8)

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