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AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR - Havoc at the Midnight Hour

Release date November 22/19 (Dying Victims Productions)

Releasing their full length debut this month is the UK's Aggressive Perfector. They appear to be named after an old Slayer song, but their music isn't really very Slayer-like. This English trio have put out an 8 song, 36-minute slab of metal that is mostly of the traditional vein, but with hints of speed and thrash interspersed.

For a first effort, these guys have done a pretty impressive job. There are no bad tracks of the eight, and some are excellent. The best track is "Vengeful One" which has hints of Exodus' classic Bonded by Blood album therein. "Devil's Bastard" is another standout track, a speed metal ditty that will no doubt have heads banging live. Other tracks of note are "Chains of Black Wrath" and "Turbo Evil".

These boys have a sound of their own, but there are still similarities to bands such as Hallows Eve. The strength of this band is their excellent song writing. The riffs are memorable, with each track being unique. The vocals and instrumentation are also top notch. But the one and only complaint is the poor production quality. I am not sure if there is any bass on this album. And the vocals sound like they were recorded in a well in the basement....through the heating ducts.

Still, this is a very good metal album that all hard core headbangers will appreciate. If they can hire an actual producer, their next album could see them sell some serious units. I have a feeling these guys will be a must-see if they hit your town for a live show.


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