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ANGEL WITCH - Angel of Light

Release date November 1/19 (Metal Blade)

It's always an important day in metal when Angel Witch issue a new album, given the importance of its self-titled debut in the history of NWOBHM, and the fact that the band have only five full lengths (including this new one) to its name in its discography. Here we find lone original member Kevin Heybourne retaining bassist Will Palmer (who played on their last platter, 2012's As Above, So Below), while injecting new blood at the guitar/backing vocal and drum slots.

So, this aging reviewer, who engaged firsthand in the NWOBHM (including purchasing of the legendary Angel Witch release as a brand spanking new platter in 1980), is pleased as punch to report that Angel of Light comes across like a logical follow-up to the debut. While not containing the absolutely essential tracks of the latter, this new platter makes up for it in the form of consistency. Every track a keeper, there's no skipping over any of the songs here, as each contains a great riff, catchy chorus, stellar rhythm section or phenomenal lead guitar work ... in some cases, all of the above. The production seals the deal here, providing this with an 80's feel, perfectly in keeping with the songs and delivery.

There's nothing like ol' timers laying down the gauntlet, showing the young whippersnappers how its done. What a blast.


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