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SLUTVOMIT - Copulation of Cloven Hooves

Release date October 4/19 (Invictus Productions)

Putting on an album by a band that goes by the Slutvomit moniker you'd expect some form of extremism to fill the ears, and the Washington state unit fulfills obligations nicely on this, their sophomore full length. At the core here is a very speedy and hardened thrash band that incorporates a little bit of blackness via some gargled vocals and evil sounding song titles, along with a dose of death in some of the rhythmic structures. Hails to the percussionist for being able to lay down the sustained thunder here in an intense display of drumming athleticism.

This is the type of stuff that only the most hardened of underground thrashers will embrace, causing others to take flight back to their Metallica and Megadeth record collections. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course! If records from bands like Nifelheim, Holocausto, Destroyer 666, Archgoat and Desaster hit your death deck often, then this one is most definitely for you. Extreme excess.


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