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ALCOHOLOCAUST - Necro Apocalipse Bestial

Release date Sept 5/19 (Hellprod)

Despite being in business since 2006 and having three EPs to their name, Necro Apocalipse Bestial represents Alcoholocaust's debut full length. Musically, this fits squarely in the speed/thrash realm, pistons-popping rhythms ruling the day, enthusiastically embracing neck-breaking tempos.

Eschewing the cleaner American or crossover styles of thrash, the Portuguese unit embrace the grittier Germanic version of the form instead, driven home by some barked vocals that remind me of debut-era Mille Petrozza (Kreator). The speed metal side of the equation comes through in some of the simplified riffing arrangements, at times coming across like early Whiplash (check out 'Anti-Gotico') or Show No Mercy Slayer ('Necro Ritual').

This is one of those metal-up-your-ass releases that will sound great coming out of the speakers early on at a rowdy party getting the headbanging natives riled up, eager to consume their brown pops too quickly. Horns high.


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